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Amelia uses a camera. 'Photographer' doesn’t quite sum it up. 


For as long as I’ve known (6 yrs) and loved (roughly 5.9 yrs) Amelia, she’s excelled at capturing memories whatever the medium. I first encountered Amelia’s blazon of creativity through her writing. She’s a memoirist, poet, scrapbooker, postcardist, an avid journal keeper, writing to snag a feeling before it can slip away unappreciated. She stockpiles old calendars. 


Her talent for photography has shown up organically as she’s looked for ways to best recall a cherished experience and help others to do the same. The calm of a room. The warmth of a broth. The chaos of a family holiday. The light and shadow. I’ve learned from Amelia that the most valuable photos are not just inspiring or aesthetically pleasing, but intimately recognizable - and thus meaningful - to her clients. She shoots to return to a moment as it was, unposed and familiar. 


Amelia works under the assumption that the client is a necessary co-creator. From one co-creator to another, I think she’s great.

- Christian, biased husband, packmule, second-shooter


When Christian and I started dating, I remember his impassioned critique of the rom com we were watching. I was bemused. "Does he have high standards or is he just grumpy?"

Thankfully, I would soon learn it’s not that he hates chick flicks (he actually likes many), it’s that he reveres good storytelling, and he expects top effort of  himself and all who venture onto that sacred ground.  He has an intuition for character development and a knack for creating inviting worlds, whether that’s through writing short stories, quirky illustrations or his relaxed photography. He has an eye for catching the playful in-between moments.


I believe his two strongest creative qualities are his ability to frame imperfection as beautifully human, and his constant vigilance for moments of childlikeness.  From the shoe left on the floor to fingerprint smudges on a mirror, he turns obstacles into opportunities for connection. He finds the the small things that evidence a life being lived that make you go, "Huh, I never really thought of that as beautiful before. It is though, isn't it?"


And that’s just his creative side! Along with photographing, he  handles the admin, emails, contracts, and research that goes into every shoot. I better stop here before I just go ahead and change the company name to Robert Christian Photography.


- Amelia, boss lady, adoring wife but in the cool way not the gross way

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